Hi, my name is Jasmine I'm 28 I'm a self taught seamstress from Brighton. I make all the items for EarthSoul Clothing, I run the show as well as being a stay at home mama of two.

I started EarthSoul Clothing during my maternity leave in 2016 as I chose not to go back to my seamstress job and had to start sewing for myself. I decided I wanted to make baby clothes that were not completely covered in garish logos as I really struggled to find neutral, calming designs and plain colours on the high street! Luckily a friend told me about Etsy and I was opened up to a world of small businesses and brands. Seeing the clothing that was out there and as well as having experienced at my previous job of what it is like to work in a fair and ethical way, I was soon very inspired to have my own small brand.

It has been very humbling as well as challenging to have started off with very small steps that soon changed to big steps and to have our very own website!


A passion of mine as well as sewing is to make small conscious changes around our home. Last summer I started looking into making plastic free swaps as I wanted to reduce the amount of plastic we created as a family.

I will be blogging about our changes as and when I can and you can head over to my personal Instagram @earthsoulmama to keep updated for new posts!


We are currently looking into stocking Organic Cotton fabrics and we do make sure all of our fabrics and supplies are as ethically sourced as possible and of the highest quality.


We really believe in quality over quantity and each item is handmade to order to a very high standard. Some of our patterns are also handmade and with our own little model to give us our sizing guidlines we have researched into what is out there already.

When the fabric comes to us it is cut to order, sewn and packaged carefully. As all our products are made to order dispatch times may vary although our aim is to have your chosen items with you as soon as possible.


Handmade to us is very special, all our items are made with love and care. We aspire to be an ethical brand and a part of the slow fashion movement.


When you support a small brand you are supporting a family, a dream and placing your vote on what you want in the clothing industry.


No matter how our business grows we want to remain as ethical as possible!

Fashion Revolution

Let Clothes Be Clothes

thank you for visiting our website and for taking the time to read about us!