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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Back in October my mum and I drove down to Cornwall where we stayed in a very cute Airbnb in Constatine.

Cornwall is a very very special place for me because my grandparents moved there about 15 years ago, they bought a beautiful tiny cottage with a huge garden and instead of retirering they set to work making the place into their dream!

Going back there and to the area was so wonderful and I also had no children with me so - luxury! The thing I love most is that the air feels so much clearer. We went for a woodland walk in Constantine along a stream and it was so magical and so grounding, it was just what I needed! My grandad now lives on his own down there and I hadn't seen him for a whole year so it meant alot to me to be able to go down. It was very emotional because I miss my gran very much and always struggle with it all, I can't not tear up whenever I think of her!

My gran always had this great amount of determination and I can see how it has rubbed off onto my mum, myself and my sister and even my daughter! I have been looking a little bit at family history and traumas and what gets passed down through the generations. My relationship with my mother wasn't good for a period of time but over the last two years it has chnaged because both of our lives had changed and brought out new things within us. Things began to heal.

Now I'm a big believer in manifestion and good vibes (I'm totally still working on this though) and this year I said I would try and get back to my gut feelings and intuition which I know is there, when you have two kids sometimes it fades (for my

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