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Hello my name is Jasmine. I thought I would say a little bit more about me and the beginning of EarthSoul Clothing. I wanted to start a blog years ago and now I finally am, yay! I will try to check my spelling and grammar and go for it without any self doubt, which was probably what has stopped me and the past. They say as you get older you start giving less of a f*ck of what people think, so... here goes.

I am 26 and a full time mama, I've been a self taught seamstress since 2010. I grew up in Brighton but I am originally from Surrey now living with my partner, our two year old son and 25 week baby girl bump in Seaford. We are surrounded by the beautiful East Sussex country side and Friston Forest next to the meandering river Cuckmere with the beach down the end of our road! We have a love for stand up paddle boarding, beach days and taking trips down to Devon and Cornwall.

Since becoming a mother I realised how important it is to get out the house! Nature has always inspired me, cleared the cobwebs and made space for clear thinking and appreciation for life, breathing in the calm and getting away from heavily embracing chaos which tends to make us forget important things. My saying is, Nature is Nurture and I truly believe we should get out and about as much as possible, allowing ourselves to feel the earth and fill the soul which is how I think I found the name EarthSoul and I doubted it at first as it had no relevance but as time went on I realised that it did and I started to love it! You know, everything happens for a reason right!?

I chose not to go back to my full time seamstress job (my first ever job) working for an ethical yoga clothing company to work from home whilst looking after our son Jago who is my inspiration for creating EarthSoul. When we found out I was pregnant I started looking for baby clothes but the high street shops just weren't quite doing it for me. If anything it all gave me slight anxiety, the loud colours and garish patterns, they didn't match how I felt inside. I was looking for calm, neutral, more gentle on the eyes type products that didn't shout 'busy' at me. I felt massively frustrated and my partner pushed me to make things myself. So I drew up a few simple patterns for baby harem pants, found some jersey fabrics in Brighton and started making and whilst trying to build up my confidence and tone down all the overwhelming feelings of potentially having a small business a good friend suggested Etsy to me which I was utterly intrigued and inspired by. I set up Etsy and knew that Instagram would help massively as well so sorted that out too. I found a few more fabrics with simple prints and added them not knowing they would grab any kind of attention! Then out of the blue I received an email from Victoria a new mama in Newcastle who was setting up a website for a online retail store for baby fashion. She asked if I could make her a wholesale order and an instant gust of excitement and panic overcame me! I told my partner and we discussed how do-able it was. At one stage in my previous job I was the only seamstress churning out the yoga pants, I pushed myself to work hard and try to finish as many products as I could a day (with the help of drum and bass and a lot of coffee) I wanted to prove my worth and impress my boss. So our conclusion was yes I could, it was stressful but I did it and before I knew it I had filled a box of carefully crafted baby harems pants, bibs and hoodies as well as keeping our flat under control and being mama to our boy. I mean when Jago slept for his nap and from 8pm every evening I worked like a mad woman and it gave me new energy new drive and new inspiration. My partner said I should be proud of myself but it didn't quite sink in for a while. The whole experience showed me my potential and capabilities which had been lying dormant for what seemed like years and I finally had the feeling of, this is what I want to be doing with my life, as well as having children. I did it and I am extremely proud!

So Victoria launched her website Hugo & Me in March last year and it was a great success, she continued to order from me which I am forever grateful for as it gave me more confidence and attention to my small business and Victoria was so understanding and patient! It's been lovely to see us both become successful and achieve our goals, you know.. mums supporting mums, women supporting women is such a huge thing of today and I hope it continues forever into the future!

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