earthsoul woman ~

earthsoul woman ~

Hey there!
Thank you so much for checking out my new EarthSoul Woman goodies! I've been wanting to create something for women for a while now and I've come to realise that it was me standing in my own way all along!

So.. I took a few small dives into creating something that I love and hold interest in and I'm ready to show them off to the world and hopefully connect with some other awesome women out there!

• Womens boho Moon Scrunchies
• Element Women Cards
• Mini Macramé Wall Hanging

I'm soon planning on starting a blog page about my own experiences on womanhood, motherhood, saturn returns, anxiety, moon cards and more! ~ maybe ill even start a podcast, who knows!

I'm also planning to give a small donation to a foundation which helps either girls or women in their lives, I've always wanted to do this so I'll look into it more and let you know what I find!

I hope you love the new items as much as I do, :) I would love to hear your thoughts or what you love best! Please find me on social media too and give my accounts a follow! 


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